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Main Evening Menu (Rolling)

Rolands evening menu is probably not like anything you’ve ever seen before, and here’s why:

(Please see this weeks PDF version of Roland’s menu to see why it’s so good)

Rather than you visiting Roland’s and seeing the same tired old menu, with the same tired old choices, Roland’s do things differently.

Roland’s looks to see what are the top-of-the-range available local vegetables, meats, breads, and everything else, and then construct their menus around those incredible ingredients.

This means that Roland’s menu can never be the same old, boring, static, and never changing menus that you will see elsewhere, theirs is fresh, dynamic, evolving, and ever changing.

Every couple of weeks when you come to dine with Roland’s you will find an exciting, fresh, and new menu full of the latest dishes, designed to complement the best available fresh local vegetables, meats, and other ingredients.

This is why Roland’s is a great place to dine – you get a never ending, constantly changing procession of the best quality foods, made with the best possible natural ingredients, and at the best possible prices.

There is ALWAYS a choice of AT LEAST 3 starters, AT LEAST 3 mains, and AT LEAST 3 desserts to choose from, and they also cater for vegetarians, vegans, and anyone with any kind of food allergy or nutritional requirement as well!

Please see this weeks PDF version of Roland’s menu to see why it’s so good